Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Zone

We had the best zone leaders in Midwood.  Elder Nelson was one of the zone leaders the whole time I was there, and he had two different companions during that time, Elder ? and Elder Smith.  Every transfer we had a zone activity and took a zone picture.  My first transfer we rode the Staten Island Ferry and rode past the Statue of Liberty.

My second transfer there we had an activity at Prospect Park.  We were divided into two teams, the Lamanites and the Nephites, and did an obstacle course/race thing and at the end we had a "battle" on the "Hill Cumorah".  I was on the Lamanite team and we won (hmmm).  Then afterwards we had a bbq and took our picture.

The Lamanites

The next transfer we had an international food lunch.  At the time we had missionaries in our zone from France, Ghana, Korea, Bulgaria, and Peru, along with Hawaii (not international, but still has some fun food!) along with a missionary that served most of his mission in Russia and then came to our mission to maybe help start a Russian program. Everybody was supposed to bring/make something native to their country/state.  I brought funeral potatoes (so did the other sister that was from Utah) and Sister Auna made a drink that they have in Hawaii.  Sister Lerat, from France, made crepes and they were sooo good.

The next transfer we went to the Brooklyn Museum (the same one I went to with Sister Allred, Elder Maner and Elder Matavao).

For a while we did service as a zone at a park called Prospect Park, mostly weeding and doing other garden work.  This is everybody after one of those days:

We also did a zone service project and renovated a grown-over twin towers memorial garden/park.  We also did service in Prospect Park, doing weeding and other garden work.  Somebody even wrote an article about it for the Church News and a picture of me and Sister Graham was in it!

The photographer that took the pictures for the Church News caught this lovely one of me as I was working.  The elders kept making fun of me because I looked like I was going to kill someone with the weeds.

At the end of my first transfer in Midwood, the zone leaders started having a breakfast with the sisters every Thursday morning.  They wanted to do something with the sisters since they couldn't go on splits with us, and that's what they came up with.  It was great!  Every week a different companionship was in charge of the food, and we always ate it in the church (since all the sisters lived next door to it).  This picture is from our first breakfast.  The elders were in charge and they got breakfast sandwiches and orange juice.


Donna Jaco said...

I love your posts!

Jason Maner said...

Elder Warner was the other zone leader.