Wednesday, March 21, 2012

P-day in Midwood

P-days in Midwood were different than in Freeport.  We still did our laundry, email, grocery shopping, etc. but instead of walking across the street or driving in the car, we walked everywhere with these:

We called them ghetto carts.  We would use them to take our laundry to the laundromat, then while our laundry was going we would do our email (the laundromat we went to had two computers where we did our email), and while it was in the dryer we would run to the grocery store to get our groceries and then come back and get our clothes.  Everybody had these carts for grocery shopping and stuff because most people walked everywhere.

Sometimes we would stop and get a treat and eat it in the park.

Or walk around and take pictures of different places.  We would walk through here every day to get to the subway.  The stairs to the train are on the other side of the fence on the right.

This was the train stop once you got down the stairs.

The last couple of months that I was in Midwood we started going to an Internet cafe in a Burger King a few train stops away.  We would go first thing in the morning because it was cheaper the earlier you went.

Afterwards we would sometimes go to Coney Island for a couple of hours since we were only a couple of train stops away.  We were pretty much the only ones there, and usually most of the zone ended up there.

Don't worry, I did follow all the mission rules.  I did not go swimming, just stood in the water for a picture. 

It looks like the elders have their arms around us, but they don't! 

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