Sunday, March 11, 2012

My District(s)

Since I was in Midwood for four transfers our district changed a few times. It started out like this:
Sister Allred, me, Elder Maner (DL), Elder Matavao

Elder Maner was a really good district leader (and is now married to Sister Allred!) and Elder Matavao was a lot of fun.  During this transfer we had a district activity at the Brooklyn Museum.  It was mostly mummy type stuff, but it was a lot of fun!

The next transfer our district looked like this:
All the same except E. Maner's companion was his greenie Elder Meza, from Peru.

The next transfer our district looked like this:
This time it was my companion that changed to my greenie Sister Auna.

And the 4th transfer it looked like this (minus the guy in the middle):
Me, Sister Auna, Elder Smith (one of the zone leaders), Elder Weber, Elder Meza

Sometimes we ate lunch together as a district.  Once or twice we went to a pizza place called Rocky's (after the Rocky).

This one looks kind of weird; I was taking the picture of us in the mirror next to the table.