Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Trainer

My trainer and companion was Christy Gines, from Highland, UT.  To this day I am convinced that she is the only sister who could have trained me with the love and patience that she had.  Not that I was difficult (I hope), but like I mentioned before I had a hard time with homesickness sometimes, it was really hard for me to talk to people, and just adjusting to mission life in general was a little rough.  If I had to describe her in a few words they would be patient, loving, forgiving, fun, happy, and outgoing.  She loved the people, she loved me, she loved the other sisters in our pad, and she loved the Savior.  Her Spanish may not have been perfect, but people didn't care because they liked her.

Sister Gines always looked for ways to serve other people.  One time we came out of an apartment building that we were tracting and she noticed a lady across the street raking her leaves.  A pretty everyday thing to see.  She ran right over and took the rake from her and started raking.  Another time we saw some people we had tried to teach a time or two walking home carrying groceries, so we went and helped them carry them home.  She would always look for little ways to serve every day and was a great example.

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