Friday, July 8, 2011

P-Day in Freeport

Preparation days in Freeport always started out the same.  The laundromat was right across the street, so at 6:30 we'd wake up, throw on some clothes and walk across the street, start our loads and do scripture study while we waited.  We were usually the only ones there since it was so early.

We'd try to get to the library right when it opened so we could email our families and have the rest of the day to write letters/in our journals, grocery shop, go play and/or take a nap (oh how I love my naps).  In the first picture I'm outside the library trying to get my picture taken with one of New York's famous pigeons, but he wouldn't cooperate.

I'll admit, I loved p-day.  At the end of the day on Sunday I was always so glad that the next day was Monday because I was always so worn out by then!  It was nice to have a day to "recuperate" and rest.

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