Monday, August 1, 2011

Miscellaneous/Interesting Things

The sisters we lived with were Sister Ferrin and Sister Goff.  They were English speaking and they actually lived more or less in their area (unlike us - we had to drive 20 minutes to our area every day).  We did a few fun things at night or on p-days.  Sister Goff hit her halfway mark and her mom somehow ordered pizza from a pizza place (Domino's?) that was nearby.  The pizzas were all half one topping and half something else.

Sometimes we would make breakfast together.  Sister Goff would put coffee creamer in the french toast batter and it was really good.

On New Year's Eve the missionaries had to be in their apartments by 5:30-ish.  So we had a little party with some chocolate pie I made.

Sister Goff got transferred after my first transfer and Sister Zufelt took her place.  Here she is with me and Sister Ferrin modeling some scarves my grandma made for Christmas.

There were so many cute little kids in the branch or at the homes we would visit.  It was so hard to obey the rule of not holding babies or children while I was on my mission.  So sometimes we just had to play with them or take a cute picture.

And sometimes they would just jump on my back, so I rolled with it.  (He really did just jump on my back.  I couldn't do anything I promise!)  That crazy Ronaldo.  He was hilarious.

This is some kind of weird church or something.  It was the craziest looking thing I've ever seen.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  From what I remember there was all kinds of false doctrine written everywhere.  We knocked on the door to see what it was, but nobody opened it.

At some point in her mission, Sister Gines made friends with a lady named Cristina.  Cristina absolutely loved Sister Gines and one day she came from wherever she was from and took us out to lunch, bought us stuff at the grocery store, and then gave Sister Gines a card (which she later opened and there was money inside).  Cristina wasn't a member of the Church and didn't plan on becoming one, but she was one of the most generous people I have ever met.

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