Friday, February 26, 2010

A Typical Day

A typical day in the MTC went like this:

6:30 am - wake up (we would get up a little earlier so we would actually have time to get ready)
7:00 am - breakfast (there is a huge cafeteria where everyone eats)
7:45 am - class
12:00 pm - lunch
12:45 pm - class
5:00 pm - dinner
5:45 pm - class
9:30 pm - back to the dorms, read scriptures, write in journals
10:30 pm - lights out

Lots of class time. The hardest times were after lunch when I always felt a little sleepy.

Of course there were other things that we did. Once a week we did service (which mostly consisted of cleaning the dorm bathrooms or vacuuming), we had gym time a couple times a week, firesides on Sunday nights (we didn't have class on Sundays either), and devotionals on Tuesday nights.

During class time, sometimes our teachers would take us to the RC (referral center), or the TRC (Teaching [something] Center). The RC is where people who get a pass along card call and speak to somebody to get their free video or Book of Mormon or whatever. We also did a lot of outbound calling to people that had called in before but didn't want the missionaries to come by. I admit, I hated the RC. It was just like a call center, except we were supposed to use the Spirit, and I hated call centers. I had worked at Convergys just before I left, and I only lasted a week doing inbound calls for DirecTV. So that wasn't really my favorite place to go.

The TRC was a place where we could practice teaching people (volunteers). I liked that better because they were always members, and I was with my companion. None of that one-on-one phone stuff.

I also mentioned the TEC in my previous entry. I think it stood for Teaching Education Center. We could go there during our personal study time and meet with an MTC teacher and teach them a lesson and they would provide feedback. Sometimes we even asked them to teach us so we could hear how other people taught. It was a great resource.

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