Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun Stuff

A lot of missionaries didn't like being "stuck" in the MTC and couldn't wait to get out. I actually enjoyed the two months that I was there. We did a lot of fun things.

I was there during Halloween (which was a Sunday, but we "celebrated" on Saturday). Some of the sisters in our dorm building decided to dress up and have a little party with snacks. One of Hermana McKeeth's friends had sent her the glasses that we're wearing, otherwise I don't know what I would have done for a costume. Other sisters were really creative, using nylons and garbage bags. One sister (not in the picture) even used the blankets from the beds to make a sumo wrestler costume.

We had a lot of fun with our district, although the elders could be very very messy. Understandable though, since this was probably the first time being away from home where Mom can't pick up after them. :) We also had fun laughing at the mistakes we would make in Spanish. For example, one day we were practicing teaching each other and Hermana McKeeth and I were teaching some elders in our district and they were teaching us. One of the elders said (when he was practicing making an appointment), "Que dia es mujer" (what day is woman) instead of "Que dia es mejor" (what day is best). The grammar wasn't perfect either, but that one vowel change sure made it have a slightly different meaning.

These were our "grandparents". We met them in the cafeteria one day and the sister started calling us her granddaughters. I can't remember where they were going to serve.

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